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Updates From Tanzania

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

After a hard month that included the anniversary of Joe’s passing on 9/22 and his 32nd birthday on 10/10, it is always good to remember the positive impact that Joe had in his time on this earth. Joe loved being a teacher, and he had a great time interacting with his students, inside the classroom and outside of it. So it is always great to hear from the students who continue to honor his legacy through the scholarships we provide.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve received several messages from the students who have benefited from Joe’s scholarship:

Below is a link to one of the students, Saidi, talking about what he hopes to accomplish with his education:

Here is Chiluma talking about how he is trying to be a pharmacist after finishing his education:

And this video providing a friendly welcome to and tour of Ndanda Secondary School:

and the newest students:

As a family, we are always very excited to hear from the students and see that Joe’s legacy from the Peace Corps lives on.

With Love,

The Chows

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